In as Little as 19 Minutes, You Will Learn...

In this mini-course, "How To Say Yes More To Your Child So They Can Get What They Want", you'll be learning ways to be able to say 'Yes' more to what your child wants and how to communicate a 'No' in a healthy way, if you don't feel comfortable.

  • How Dayna said 'Yes' for her child to play with fire (in a safe way) that opened up a passion for him

  • How to say 'Yes' even if you have financial limits or have fear around something your child wants

  • How saying 'Yes' unlocked the power of manifestation, more quickly than imagined

  • How to say 'No' the right way, if there is no way to say 'Yes'

  • What to do if your child reacts or gets emotional when you say 'No'

  • Creative ways that you can come to an answer so you can say 'Yes', even if it was a 'No' to begin with

Course curriculum

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    Mini Course Curriculum

    • How To Say Yes More To Your Child

    • What To Do If You Have To Say No?

    • Creative Ways To Saying Yes

    • Mini-Course Transcript