In Only 33 Minutes, You Will Learn...

In this mini-course, "Screentime Fears & Solutions", you'll be learning about how to deal with the issues around technology and children, to not only empower your kids, but decrease your own fears and anxieties in the process.

  • What happens when screentime is limited and restricted, and how it affects your relationship with your children

  • What happens if you do give more freedom and lift screentime restrictions

  • How to permanently eliminate the power struggle dynamic between you and your kids

  • The importance of having open conversations with your children and the benefits of this in relation to screentime

  • The story of Dayna and the barbies and what happened when her daughter asked for one

  • How honoring your kids' choices can empower them rather than hurt them

  • The effect of controlling, limiting, and judging has on your child, in relation to screentime

  • The most important thing to do to keep your kids safe online

  • Why taking the less riskier choice is better than avoiding the "bigger problem"

  • 4 damaging things that could happen to your children if you restrict electronics and screentime

Mini-Course Curriculum

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    Course Content

    • The Common Issues of Technology with Kids

    • The Benefits of Technology & Screen Time For Your Kids

    • Should Your Kids Be Allowed on Social Media?

    • The Important Role Technology Plays In Kids' Social Lives

    • Does Social Media Damage Self-Image & Mental Health For Kids?

    • How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online?

    • What About The Effects of EMFs and Other Dangers for Kids Using Technology?

    • How To Increase Your Trust In Your Children & Decrease Your Fears & Anxieties About Technology

    • Mini-Course Video Transcription Document (To Print)